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Ullu Web series Fareb Story, Cast & Where to Watch Online

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Fareb Ullu web series is quite famous among the youngesters. A lot of people are curious to know from where they can watch Ullu Web series Fareb online or what is the story of Ullu web series Fareb, Star Cast and everything. So if you are also facing these questions then check out this post.

So now the question arises from where Can you watch Ullu Fareb Web Series Legit way?

The best way to watch Ullu web series Fareb is from Ullu App itself. However, if you are thinking that you have to pay a lot of charges as a subscription then the Good news is that the subscription charges of Ullu App is just 72 rupees for 3 months and 99 rupees for the 6 months which you can easily afford. Also, instead of watching only Fareb, you can watch all Ullu web series here.

What is the Story of Ullu Web Series Fareb?

The Story of Ullu web series Fareb revolves around a married woman who has illicit relation with a pizza delivery guy, however, her relation interrupts when her sister in law visit her place. To keep a relationship with her lover, she plots a plan where she presents herself to her lover just to save her sister in law. This web series has only two episode that too of 20 minutes each so you can easily wrap it under an hour.

What is the Star Cast of Ullu Web Series Fareb?

This series has been directed by Raju Desai and Naghma Akhtar and Mohit played the leading roles in this series.

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