Top 5 Benefits of Using Diesel Fuel Card for Managing Your Fleet!


First of all, we should talk about diesel engines. What are they, their significance and how do they perform? Then we will talk about other necessary things related to diesel engines.

Let’s first talk about what a diesel engine is?

Diesel engine is also called Rudolf engine. It is a kind of combustion engine that ignites the fuel of the whole system. The whole process occurs by the increasing temperature of the air which is inside the cylinder. Due to mechanical compression, the diesel engine is also called a compression ignition engine by some scientific people.
They are of two types:

  1. Two stroke cycle engines
  2. Four stroke cycle engines

Earlier, these engines were quite heavy and they were used in large commercial trucks or vehicles but due to advancement in technology and scientific development in the automotive industry, there is great scope of passenger vehicles that feature diesel technology or power. Even in foreign countries like America or the UK, they prefer gasoline engines or petrol engines in their cars as compared to diesel engines. Due to some scandals related to high brands of cars, they feel reluctant to buy those diesel machines.

Advantages or Benefits of Diesel cars in the automotive industry:

  1. Efficient Fuel Economy: Well, as compared to petrol cars, diesel cars are more fuel-efficient since they generate more power even in less quantity of diesel in the vehicle due to its high combustion rate with respect to petrol. Nowadays, high-pressure fuel injection systems are added in the new range of cars which are far better as compared to the previous automotive industry. And so the fuel economy keeps increasing with new types of equipment used in the car. You might have heard about the turbocharger technology. Yesss!! You heard it right. We are not talking phone chargers here, even in cars they are used efficiently by the car makers to boost the fuel economy.
  1. Less Maintenance: Well, diesel power plants are well equipped and run smoothly as compared to petrol power plants. This whole thing reduces maintenance costs and increases the lifespan of the car or you can say engine. In lieu of spark ignition systems, they use compressed air ignition systems, resulting in less maintenance cost, less chances of electrical failures and consequently a reliable engine.
  2. Better Torque: The diesel cars due to slow fuel burn produce high compression and better torque. While some crazy drivers prefer horsepower, they consider torque is horsepower and that whole thing is used to pull a great amount of loads and accelerate the whole system.
  3. Less amount of Taxes: The primary aspect of the diesel cars is the amount of taxes their drivers pay. Since taxes are based upon carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, less emission means less taxes which are the main advantage of diesel systems.
  4.  Less Fire hazard: This is the most important advantage of diesel engines or cars. For example, if any mishap occurs or in case of an accident, the flashpoint of diesel is higher than petrol or gasoline. It means it does not catch fire easily. But there is a catch here, it can catch fire under the intense direct heat of the sun, but a quick spark is not the cup of tea for the diesel in terms of ignition.

Main components of Diesel Engine or Car:

  1. Engine Block
  2. Crankshaft
  3. Connecting Rod
  4. Main Bearings/Big end bearings
  5. Cylinder Liner
  6. Cylinder Head
  7. Piston and piston rings

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