Ikko Mikke Punjabi Movie Review: This Satinder Sartaj Movie you should not miss if you are a romantic soul!


Ikko Mikke the new Satinder Sartaj movie released today has been getting good reviews from the public and critics as well. If you are planning to watch Satinder Sartaj new movie Ikko Mikke and want to know the reviews of Ikko Mikke then keep reading this post.
The movie has a fresh pairing of Satinder Sartaaj and Aditi Sharma and their chemistry are quite good in the movie and it is one of the best parts of this movie. The sweet moments between them both would engage you in the movie and feel for the characters. Talking about the songs of Ikko Mikke, the songs are getting a good response ever since they released and all of them are melodious and they did not come as an obstruction in the movie.

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What is the Story of the movie Ikko Mikke Punjabi Movie?

The story of this movie is the tale of two characters who fall in love with each other and fight the world to be together. However, their lives are no so simple and they face the struggles which every couple face, the fights and the moments where they fail to understand each other and reconsider whether their decision of being together was right or not. These are the problems that every couple goes through and the audience feels connected with the story of this movie.

Talking about acting performances. So Satinder Sartaaj has once again proved after Black Prince that he has all the qualities of being a good actor and Aditi Sharma has done justice to characters and depicted each emotion beautifully. Apart from this, the other supporting star cast of the movie has done an excellent job of supporting the lead actors. Thus, if you are planning to watch a romantic movie then you should not miss this one.

Where Can I watch Satinder Sartaj Ikko Mikke Movie Online?

This movie is running successfully in the theaters nearby you. So you can go and watch Ikko Mikke movie in theaters with your friends. Moreover, this movie will be available after some time in some OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. So if you somehow miss watching this movie in theaters, so, later on, you can watch Ikko Mikke movie online on Amazon, Netflix or any other OTT platforms

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