Jack & Jill Nursery Rhyme Lyrics in English

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Let’s take you down to the memory lane. The famous nursery rhymes Jack & Jill you must have recited in your childhood and even remember every word of it. However, if you have forget this favorite Jack & Jill rhyme then check out the complete lyrics of Jack & Jill famous Nursery Rhymes.

Jack and Jill Nursery Rhymes in English

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.
Then up got Jack and said to Jill,
As in his arms he took her,
“Brush off that dirt for you’re not hurt,
Let’s fetch that pail of water.”
So Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch the pail of water,
And took it home to Mother dear,
Who thanked her son and daughter.

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